1 Nov 2017

Priorians win with First Half Goals

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IMG_4913Priorians were on their travels again on Saturday as they took on Knock at Strathern School pitches.
Priorians were missing many players from both squads which meant both first and second teams were without substitutes. However the girls and their coach felt confident that match fitness would not be a factor due to intense weekly sessions with fitness coach, Kyle McSparron.
Knock took the pass back but it wasn’t long before Priorians began trying to attack. The pitch is a very different playing surface from the one at St. Columb’s Park. The surface allows for a faster paced game which suits Priorians and they played a smart game, looking for a space or creating ‘two on ones’.
This creation of passes meant they penetrated the circle easily. Ellie Goodman confidently found Jill Kennedy who slotted it past the goalkeeper.
There were shouts from the homeside’s coach to dispute the goal but both umpires awarded the goal and play continued.
Knock players were quick on the attack following the reset. They used triangular passing effectively and found skilful players who tried to shimmy past the Prior defence. Rhonda Curry and Nicola Lowry were extremely strong and the Knock forwards – not being able to get a shot on target – tried to find ways to get a penalty corner. They were rewarded. They pushed the ball out to the left player throwing Prior’s first runner a little who had to change her run. The deception was not as fruitful for Knock as expected leaving the score at 1-0.Priorians were not content with only one goal and went on the attack again but then the opposition’s centre back was well positioned to read the Priorians play around the circle.
The midfield and forwards changed tactics and ended up a penalty corner. A strong push out from Nicola Lowry missed the stopper but found back-up Ellie Goodman who gave the ball into the circle for another shot on goal by Jill Kennedy and she made no mistake, hammering past the keeper.
Again the homeside disputed the goal but again after some deliberation with umpires, the goal was awarded for a 2-0 interval lead at half-time.
In the second half, Prior had to deal with a very high press from Knock meaning getting the ball into the midfield was proving difficult. Knock had many more chances in the second half. Nicola Lowry even saved a shot off the line, keeping the away side’s clean sheet in the Senior One League.
Knock were awarded another penalty corner but despite quickly taking their straight strike they could not get past the Priorians keeper.
Priorians had to deal with a lot more pressure in the second half. They tried to use aerial passes to get around the high press and well placed defenders. Their efforts were not rewarded this time but they had done enough to take the win.

Priorians seconds travelled to Dungannon for a cup game. The score was 0-0 even afer extra time which meant for the first time, tthe North West Club had to do the highly entertaining penalty runs.
A player has eight seconds to score past the opposition’[s keeper, running from outside the circle. Priorians young keeper, Alex Doherty, showed skill in saving numerous penalty runs. This gave Priorians seconds the confidence to take the lead and move onto the next round of the cup.
O’Neill Master Joiners, Club Sponsors, would like a big turnout for the next game at home on Saturday 4th November at Foyle Arena. Priorians first play Omagh Firsts at 2.30pm.


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