16 Oct 2017

Match Report – Priorians 1sts 2 v Victorians 1sts 0

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Priorians travelled to Belfast to play Victorians at Queens on Saturday and came away with an inspiring victory.
The two teams had met two weeks previous in a cup game where Victorians were the victors, winning 2-1. Since then, Priorians had been training hard and came out determined to show their improvement.
The home side took the pass back but Priorians were quick to intercept. Jill Kennedy carried the ball and calmly passed the ball into the circle where Emma Allen picked it up and with one touch, slapped it into the net. Victorians were left in shock at the speed of the counter attack. After the restart, both teams were focused and implemented positive linking play to penetrate the circle. Victorians fought hard and won penalty corners. The Prior defence handled the pressure well and passed the ball out to midfield. The home side appeared a little frustrated at being denied any shots on goal and as a result Victorians had a player green carded for an overly physical tackle. End to end hockey ensued until the half time whistle.
Priorians 1 Victorians 0 at half time.
Prior took the pass back for the second half. They made great use of passing the ball around the back and changing the side.
Victorians began to mark out the back options putting a hard press on Prior’s centre back. Prior then suffered a green card also for not moving 5 yards at frees, with Captain Kristel Brown taking two minutes at the sideline.
The away side did not let this diminish their resolve to remain in the lead. They tried to break down the opposition’s play and clear the ball wide. Again Victorians won penalty corners from counter attacks and Prior appeared on the back foot trying to get back to defend the D. The Prior goalkeeper and sweeper Coral Lapsley made excellent saves and when Victorians missed the ball on the back line the Prior forwards took their chance to collect the ball and make a charge for goal but unfortunately they couldn’t get a shot on target. Rachael McSparron intercepted the ball in the centre of the pitch and it was picked up by Sarah Black who made a small arc at the 23m line. She passed the ball into the circle where Emma Allen picked it up and took her shot at the far post. A goal was awarded for Priorians despite protests from the home side.
In the final 10 minutes of the game, Priorians were under a lot of pressure from a determined Victorians side. They became frustrated with the umpires which resulted in a second green card for the home side’s captain. The final whistle went soon after this with the visitors taking the 3 points. Thanks to our sponsors O’Neill Bros Master Joiners Ltd.
Priorians 2 Victorians 0
Player of the match was goalkeeper, Lizzie Sandbadger.



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